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•  16.1 Page Under Construction

•  16.2 Rename the xEdit EXE

•  16.3 Installing LOD billboard images

•  16.4 Glossary

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16.1 - Page Under Construction




For now only certain information is available as the xLODGen and DynDoLod docs are reviewed and converted for use with this site. For now this only includes the two files Skyrim-Occlusion-Readme.txt and Terrain-LOD-Readme.txt from the current xLODGen download.


Official support for Shesons DynDoLod is on the STEP Forums


16.2 - Rename the xEdit EXE


To use xLODGen you simply download the EXE already named properly from the Nexus or you can rename the EXE yourself.




16.3 - Installing LOD billboard images


You will need Vanilla Skyrim LOD Billboards or Indistinguishable Vanilla Tree Billboards installed to generate LOD.


16.4 - Glossary


xEdit is an advanced tool for manipulating Bethesda plugins. The x stands for TES4/TES5/SSE/FNV/FO3/FO4. Throughout the documentation substitute the 'x' in xEdit by the current game mode.


LODGen.pas is a script for xEdit to export data for LODGen.exe. Requires version LODGen.exe 0.6 or higher.


LODGen.exe/LODGenx64.exe generates static object LOD files with the export data generated by LODGen.pas, xLODGen for Objects LOD or DynDOLOD.exe.


xLODGen for Objects LOD is a modfied LODGen.pas built into xEdit so Object LOD generation is available from the xEdit right click 'Other / Generate LOD' menu.


xLODGen for Trees LOD is built into xEdit so tree LOD generation is available from the xEdit right click 'Other / Generate LOD' menu.


Billboards are a simple 2D texture representation of trees and an optional text file defining width, height and other parameters used for tree LOD.


Internal Billboard is an automatically created model with 2 planes crossing at 90 degrees. It is used when LOD trees with billboards are done in static object LOD.


External Billboards are NIFs that can be used as a template for LOD trees with billboards done in static object LOD.


They are all part of the xEdit download.


TES5LODGen is a combined package of xEdit.exe and LODGen.exe. xEdit.exe is renamed to TES5LODGen.exe so the built-in LODGen menu for static object LOD and tree LOD generation shows automatically. There are similar versions for other games.


SSELODGen is a combined package of xEdit.exe and LODGen.exe. xEdit.exe is renamed to SSELODGen.exe so the built-in LODGen menu for object and tree LOD generation shows automatically. There are similar versions for other games.


xLODGen beta is the latest beta version where the current development and new features are tested, like terrain LOD. It can be renamed to a number of different game modes, including TES5LODGen and SSELODGen for example.


DynDOLOD Standalone refers to DynDOLOD.exe and TexGen.exe including supporting files and the entire documentation.


DynDOLOD Resources is a large number of updated and new LOD meshes and textures to be used with DynDOLOD.exe.


DynDOLOD Patches contains patch for some mods.


DynDOLOD DLL contains a SKSE plugin and papyrus scripts and is a drop-in replacement for PapyrusUtil. See DynDOLOD DLL Manual


DynDOLOD.exe/DynDOLODx64.exe is a modified xEdit.exe that automatically starts DynDOLOD Worlds.pas.


DynDOLOD Worlds.pas is a main script for DynDOLOD.exe/DynDOLODx64.exe that creates or updates DynDOLOD plugins and exports data for DynDOLOD Mod and also uses a modified LODGen.pas to export data and run LODGen.exe.


DynDOLOD Mod is ESP/ESM plugins and a collection of papyrus scripts for either DynDOLOD DLL or PapyrusUtil and work with the data generated by DynDOLOD.exe.


DynDOLOD.esp/DynDOLOD.esm plugins are created or updated by DynDOLOD.exe and used by DynDOLOD Mod.


TexGen.exe/TexGenx64.exe is a renamed DynDOLOD.exe that automatically starts DynDOLOD TexGen.pas.


DynDOLOD TexGen.pas is a script for TexGen.exe/TexGenx64.exe that generates a select list of object LOD textures based on load order. See DynDOLOD_TexGen.html


PapyrusUtil is a SKSE plugin that adds functionality to papyrus scripting which allows to work quickly with a large amounts of data stored in external files using the json format.


Static object LOD generated by LODGen.exe are objects that do not change and are not animated, like buildings or landscape features like mountains and rocks.


Dynamic Object LOD generated by DynDOLOD are objects that change state based on quests like military tents, ships, animated objects like waterfalls or fires or glow LOD windows that reacts to weather/sunlight.


Tree LOD generated by xLODGen for Trees LOD (or CK) are so-called billboard trees that uses two simple 2-sided rectangular models using the gams engine to display traditional tree LOD.


Tree LOD in static Object LOD is LOD trees done as static object LOD. This can be 3D static trees, billboards or a mixture of both - hybrid LOD trees.


Terrain LOD is the distant land and large bodies (cell sized) of water. A beta version of xLODGen can generate terrain LOD meshes and textures. DynDOLOD does not create, update or otherwise change terrain LOD. LODGen.exe uses terrain LOD meshes to optimize static object LOD by removing any triangles that are below the terrain or water planes.


Reference is an object that references a base element. Typically a reference defines the position and behaviour of an object that can be seen when a cell is attached.


Large Reference is a reference in Skyrim Special Edition that shows its full model in a LargeReferenceGrid outside the loaded cells. See SkyrimSE-LargeRefGrid.html for more details and current problems.


Large Reference Grid is an area past the current loaded cells where Large References show.


Base element defines the full model and LOD models - if any - used by references.


Attached cells is the area around the player, also known as uGridsToLoad - default 5 x 5 cells, where all the action happens and full models of everything are shown.


Worldspace is a large location in the game that typically has LOD.


Child worldspace is a small location in the game that is planted into a worldspace with LOD. The child worldspace replaces the attached cells of the parent worldspace and uses the parent worldspace for LOD past the attached cells. For example the inside of cities like Solitude, Riften, Whiterun, Windhlem are child worldspaces.


Neverfade are references that have the Is Full LOD flag set. The flags Is Full LOD and Persistent usually cause a reference to always show across the worldspace regardless of distance.


16.5 - Additional Resources


For object and tree LOD generation instructions and additional resources see


•  FNVLODGen Nexus Mods Site

•  FO3LODGen Nexus Mods Site

•  FO4LODGen STEP Forum

•  TES5LODGen Nexus Mods Site

•  SSELODGen Nexus Mods Site


16.6 - Credits



•  sheson's documentation provided with DynDOLOD-Standalone 7 Zip File


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