BMDT Subrecord

As used in the ARMO and ARMA record types.


Name Type Info
Biped Flags uint32  
General Flags uint8  
Unused ??  

Biped Flag Values

Value Meaning
0x00000001 Head
0x00000002 Hair
0x00000004 Upper Body
0x00000008 Left Hand
0x00000010 Right Hand
0x00000020 Weapon
0x00000040 PipBoy
0x00000080 Backpack
0x00000100 Necklace
0x00000200 Headband
0x00000400 Hat
0x00000800 Eye Glasses
0x00001000 Nose Ring
0x00002000 Earrings
0x00004000 Mask
0x00008000 Choker
0x00010000 Mouth Object
0x00020000 Body AddOn 1
0x00040000 Body AddOn 2
0x00080000 Body AddOn 3

General Flag Values

Value Meaning
0x01 ??
0x02 ??
0x04 Has Backpack
0x08 Medium
0x10 ??
0x20 Power Armor
0x40 Non-Playable
0x80 Heavy